Welcome to GwtPHP framework

GwtPHP is powerful web application development framework for developing new generation Web 2.0 applications.

It combines high performance server part with rich user interface library for client (browser) based on Java & Google Web Toolkit.

A complete solution, it allows you to write AJAX Web 2.0 applications in Java, with backend powered by object oriented PHP 5.

  • Write on Java, compile for all browsers with GWT
  • Develop quickly and effectively with modern, object oriented languages
  • Support for skinnable applications and theming
  • Compatible with standard shared hosting accounts
  • Add publicable API and support for plugins and gadgets to your application
  • Ability to develop multi-lingual applications
Latest news
Post Affiliate Xpress v 4 released, based on GwtPHP engine

Why GwtPHP

Find out why GwtPHP might be the best for your project. If you have questions, you'll find answers here.

Get started

GwtPHP is not yet publicly released.
Estimated release date is November 08.

Real application examples

Post Affiliate Xpress is the first real world commercial application build on GwtPHP engine.

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